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After successfully completing our training, the student must pass the Interpreter Language and Skills Assessment (ILSAT) or Community Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool (CILISAT) in their language combination in order to receive their training certificate. The Vice Versa/MCIS professional community interpreter certification is recognized all over Canada.

A test can be scheduled with MCIS before, during or after your community interpreter core competencies training sessions. Results take 4-8 weeks to come back. Once the student completes this test, they will be eligible to receive a certificate as a professional community interpreter.

To find a testing centre located outside of the Greater Toronto Area, please see the following links:



MCIS is not offering in-person CILISAT testing until further notice. If you would like to be tested during this time, please inquire with our partner CITG Canada who offer online CILISAT testing at

Would you like to practice with an experienced interpreter?

Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring sessions are an excellent opportunity for candidates to receive guidance from an accomplished interpreter in a language of their choice in one-on-one sessions. During a mentoring session, you will have the opportunity to practise technical terminology and setting-specific vocabulary, receive language-specific feedback on the quality of your interpretation, complete mock scenarios, and practice with sample language labs. They are available in over 100 languages and will help you perfect your interpreting skills in a constructive and engaging way.

Cost (Online, 1 hour minimum): $50.00 + HST

Format: Online