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Interpreter Training

Why Choose a Career in Interpretation?

We live in a connected world, and language is an essential part of our everyday life.  Businesses, individuals and governments have recognized the importance of language and communication, which has led to the demand for interpreters to grow exponentially. Interpreters break down communication barriers and facilitate access to critical services. They serve as a voice for communities and allow all to thrive in a diverse environment. One of Canada’s greatest strengths is its commitment to diversity. Interpreters play a fundamental role in ensuring that commitment is met, making it a rewarding and reputable profession. Both in Canada and worldwide, the language service industry is one of the fastest growing industries and provides great opportunities for professional development. Not only is it a dynamic profession that is constantly evolving, it can also be a means to give back to your own community. If you are fluent in more than one language and are seeking a fulfilling profession, that allows you to make a real difference in the world, consider becoming an interpreter today.

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The Vice Versa and MCIS Language Interpreter Training Program will give you the required tools to kickstart your career as a language professional in Canada. With our affordable, interactive and high-quality training program, you can develop the necessary skills to become a professional community interpreter within a short 6-8 weeks.

What sets the Vice Versa and MCIS training program apart from the rest?

  • Affordable, effective and accelerated

Vice Versa and MCIS offer one of the most affordable and accelerated programs available. In only approximately 6-8 weeks, our training will cover everything from the fundamentals of community interpreting, the interpreter code of ethics in Canada, to legal and medical interpreting.

  • Flexible and adaptable

Our program is 100% online and accessible to you 24/7. It offers you the added flexibility of tailoring your learning to your own schedule. If you are looking for a program that is versatile and you are comfortable working with technology, then this program is the perfect choice for you.