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Further Professional Development

What’s next after core training? Continued Competence!

Continue training with MCIS advanced and continued competence courses

Take one of MCIS’ various advanced continued competence courses that are designed to assist in your professional development. These training courses cover a number of specialized areas with context-driven learning to further hone your skills in a specific setting.

Humber College – Language Interpreter Training Certificate

Graduates of the Vice Versa and MCIS Language Interpreter Training Program, can receive an additional Humber College Language Interpreter Training Certificate by completing only two courses. This certification fulfills OCCI accreditation application. After completion of the program, this offers an opportunity to help you further your qualifications in a shorter period of time.

Glendon College Master of Conference Interpreting (MCI)

Vice Versa and MCIS Language Interpreter Training Program graduates that have gained extensive experience in conference, court, community and/or healthcare interpretation, have an opportunity to enter directly into year 2 of this two-year master’s program. Exemption of year 1 is subject to jury approval from the university and passing a transition exam.

Join a Professional Association (e.g. APLI, OCCI, Critical Link, ATIO, ATA, etc.)

The Ontario Council on Community Interpreting (OCCI) and the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) are examples of professional interpretation associations that regulate the accreditation of interpreters working in the community. Membership, accreditation and certification from these associations will help boost your career by bringing you into a network of professional interpreters, and further establish your career as a language professional.

Prefer to speak to someone before registering? Contact our engagement coordinator!

*   Email address: info-viceversa@seo-ont.ca
*   Phone: 1-844-668-7333 poste 312

Kickstart a rewarding career as a community interpreter today with the help of the Vice Versa and MCIS Language Interpreter Training Program!